🧢 My Recap for 2020

Some milestones in 2020 that brought me the most pride and joy: 

💼 I started working with the African Leadership Group.*

🏫  I transitioned from CEO to Board member at Streetlight Schools. 

🌱 I began seed investing w The MBA Fund in Penn, Harvard, Stanford students & alumni

📝 I published 20,000+ words across 14 Medium posts, becoming a top writer in Innovation. 

🎓 I started at Wharton for my MBA and completed the fall semester virtually from Johannesburg. 
💪🏼 Inspired by Kumail Nanjiani's transformation, I ate over 300 chicken breasts and added 6.5 lbs of muscle mass. 

* To launch a challenge to engage and empower 1 million young Africans. If this sounds intriguing to you or someone you know, I’d love to chat with anyone who’s looking to do meaningful work, ideally with one of the following:

a) experience working on the continent,

b) running delightful virtual experiences at scale, 

c) expertise in community, UX, product, storytelling, marketing, video, design, branding, curriculum or learning experience design.

I also:

🏢 helped start two companies.

👨🏻‍🏫 ran an education unconference.

💡 conceptualized an Education Venture Studio.

👨🏻‍💻 explored the online course and broader edtech landscape.

✍🏼 undertook weekly reflections Mar-Sep (reverting to biweekly Oct-Dec). 

Some of my top hits on Medium:

  1. 📩 a letter to my past self reflecting on 2019 for Streetlight  

  2. 👁️ my vision for learning design 

  3. 🚗 the wild west of ride sharing 

  4. 📃 an open letter to Marc Andreessen 

  5. 🌍 emerging global opportunities for entrepreneurs 

  6. 🎯 living a life of purpose 

Some of my top hits on Twitter:

  1. 🔨 tools for investor updates 

  2. 💻 powerful learning experiences 

  3. 📰 hard won insights and lessons for building your newsletter 

  4. 📚 my favorite books / articles for ideas and the early stage of businesses 

  5. 💬 how to compose tweets that get traction 

Updated 30 June 2020

📷 cred: Lita

[ARCHIVED] What I'm exploring & working on now

2. Conceptualizing an  education institution to scale learning experienecs and outlive my life

4. Building, testing, iterating various education and startup ideas, including courses / communities / experiences for people in transitionary phases looking to unlock personal growth, MBAs, and seasoned education leaders

(a testimonial from one pilot below)

6. Connecting with and assisting entrepreneurs by serving as

a) a mentor at Startup Weekend UK, b) a judge at Milken PennGSE Edu Biz Plan Competition, and
c) education lead for BlockCOVID's Virtual Innovation Camp

d) joining Be On Deck's 4th Cohort

7. A post on Emerging Communities For Entrepreneurs Globally (and spaces to monitor for dealflow for angel investors and seed funds)

8. A letter I wrote to Marc Andreessen titled It's Time (To Empower People) To Build